BestChoiceProducts Adjustable Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike Review

If you are looking for an affordable bike for low impact workouts, then the Best Choice Products Folding Adjustable Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike needs to be on your narrowed down list. It comes in a compact size and can be folded for storage while not in use making it perfect for small to large homes. One of the best features of a bike in this price range is that it helps you to exercise in three different positions. These positions range from upright to semi-recumbent so that you may set it according to your convenience. Let’s take you through the point-by-point review of the Best Choice Products Folding Adjustable Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike’s features to help you decide easily.


The frame of the bike is made from steel which despite being light-weight (40.35 lbs) is sturdy. In other words, you aren’t concerned about being tipped off while exercising. However, the bike doesn’t have levelers to balance it on uneven floors and therefore it might rock on an uneven surface. A rubber exercise mat might prove to be beneficial in keeping it stabilized while you exercise. The current reviews of the bike say that it is durable and sturdy, however, it hasn’t been on the market for long.


The bike is adjustable to a range of different heights to allow the usage by multiple users. Also, it provides three different riding positions. These adjustments are easy and quick to make. The height adjustment is valid for the seat and can be attained by loosening the adjustment knob and sliding the seat to the desired height. Once done, you will have to insert the push pin in the pre-setting hole and then tighten it up in place. The seat is adjustment only in the up/down direction as it is at an angle that will help the taller people by moving them apart from the handlebars while being used in the upright position. The bike is adjustable to fit people from height 5’ 3” and 6’.

The three different exercise positions can be attained by using the support post which is below the seat which is able to move to three different positions. It works just like the seat adjustment but enables you to use the bike in a more upright position to semi-recumbent position while your feet are out in front of you.


The bike comes with 8 levels of resistance which are controlled by the tension knob located at the front of the bike at a point which is reachable in all the different exercising positions. Magnets are moved closer to the flywheel when the resistance is increased to make pedaling more difficult. On the other hand, the same magnets are moved further from the flywheel inside the casing when the resistance is decreased to make pedaling easier. This is no fear of wearing and tearing as the magnets don’t touch the flywheel. It is also silent for a bike which is friction resistance. The tension knob turns conveniently while the resistance changes smoothly as well. When you turn the knob clockwise, it will increase the tension and turn it anti-clockwise to decrease the tension. Since it increases in small increments so there is no sudden hardness and everything remains smooth. You can achieve a light to moderate hard while going up the scale at 7-8 levels. While if you are looking for a hardcore workout, then this bike is not for you.

Drive type

It has a belt drive mechanism whose operation is very quiet and practically doesn’t require any maintenance. The drive is enclosed to keep it safe.


The pedals are positioned in front to make its operation easy in all the positions from the most upright position to the standing one as you would do on a spin bike. You get a comfortable pedal action in all the positions from upright to semi-recumbent ones.

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  • You have the option of three different positions for exercising.
  • The folding options makes it easy to be stored.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It comes with 8 marked levels of resistance.
  • It has a very quiet operation.
  • Helps provide the beginners with low impact workouts.
  • Multiple users can use it by adjusting the seat to their height.
  • Comes with a basic console that helps to keep a track while exercising.


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  • Does not come with transport wheels.
  • Not suitable for intense workouts or standing on the pedals.
  • The resistance is variable only from light to moderate.
  • No pre-set workout programs available.
  • Doesn’t include levelers to balance out the bike
  • The folded dimensions and height range aren’t confirmed.



Buy It or Not?

Best Choice Products Folding Adjustable Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is a compact bike which is quite simple to use with a quiet operation. It can be adjusted for people of different heights. It also ensures your comfort with its three position settings which means you can now exercise in a position you are completely comfortable in. it is also sturdy and durable and is the best for beginners and people who are rehabbing from an injury etc. with its low to moderate intensity levels. If you are looking for an intense workout then this is not the bike for you. In short, the bike is good value for your money and can be used to get in shape.

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