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Due to our fast pace lifestyle and ever-growing responsibilities, it’s no wonder that lots of us doesn’t even consider exercising. Then there is a valid point of making time to go to local gym which, I can say from my personnel experience, is not easy. And once we get to the point where we get a wake up call from someone else, we start worrying what should i do to get in shape. And then what we do? We take any fad diet from the market, and start following it with the hope that it will be just enough to get back in that awesome shape. But if things are that simple, we would have only 1 diet plan in the market instead of thousands.

The truth is there is no alternative to exercise when it comes to getting in shape. Even a simple running routine will do lot more than just skipping some food. But due to our limited resources, like lack of running tracks, not everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of running. And then there are days when you just do not want to do much or leave the comfort of your home. At times like these, one would rather make use of a machine that would have you work out on all your core muscles and burn a lot of calories in the process too! Well, thanks to indoor exercise bikes, we now really don’t need a ground or a cycling track for our exercise routine. With exercise bikes, you can do it in comfort of your home. They don’t take much space, like folding exercise bikes, and spending just 15 – 20 min with them brings a really visible difference in your shape within a month.

The stationary exercise bikes help you get the abs and glutes you have always wanted while burning your fat too in the process. If you know how to use them in the right way and take proper care with your posture then there is no way that indoor exercise machine will turn out to be a game changer for you.

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When using the exercise bikes and any other kind of gym equipment, the posture plays a crucial role in the overall results. If you want to own the best exercise bike, you must know how to use it properly too to avail all the benefits that have been discussed previously. We have listed below some of the things that you must keep in mind when buying yourself the best exercise bikes.

  1. Saddle and its fixation

This is the seat you will be sitting on and when in full flow you need to ensure that it is comfortable and properly fixed. When you choose the exercise bike, the saddle must be chosen very wisely. It should complement your body structure and should be something you are comfortable in. Moreover, you must get it fixed by a professional so that its position is not such that would put undue pressure on your knees and hurt your joints while you are exercising. As a general rule, the knees should be only slightly bent when you are sitting on the exercise bike.

  1. Position of the handlebars

If you talk to the professionals, many of them would recommend that you get an exercise bike with handlebars. When adjusting the handlebars you must keep in mind that its height is matched to your body’s. Have a professional adjust it to a level which is slightly higher than that of your seat. Apart from providing support to the elderly, it is also useful for the young. With the handlebars in position, you can now use your upper body in the exercise too. This is not possible with the mini exercise bikes as they are designed only to bring the lower body in motion.

  1. Display screen

Although its not a compulsory feature, however most of the latest exercise bikes models offers a display screen & connectivity to your mobile phone. Having a display screen with your bike will not only help you know your speed but it also displays heartbeat and other statistics all through the workout which you may also store in your mobile phone. All the best exercise bikes have it as it makes the whole workout experience a lot more fun and interactive.

  1. Weight range

No matter how much you weigh, you should always buy the bikes that would cater to a wide range of weights, although they might be a bit pricey. But this little investment would mean that the equipment can be of use to everyone in your family. Usually the average weight capacityu for exercise bikes is anywhere between 250 – 350 pounds with the max at 500 pounds.

Indoor Exercise Bikes Benefits

While we are at it, let us take a look at some of the many reasons, why you need to start looking out for the best exercise bikes right now.

  1. It is Great for the Cardio Days

Cardio is all about burning those extra calories and building your stamina. Doing the same round of exercises over and over again can get a little monotonous and may cause your body to get immune to their effect. A switch to exercise bike can do you well here. Just play your favorite music and cycle yourself to the world of your imagination.

  1. Good for Strength Training

Most of the time, what troubles us the most is the fact that the exercises we are so used to are clearly labeled and categorized as either cardio or strength but this is now the case with the best exercise bikes. They are so exhausting that if done with the right posture, after a certain time they are considered a part of your strength training exercises especially because you can change its resistance during the workout. Do them the right way and it will be a great workout for your upper body too.

  1. Help Lose Weight

One of the primary reasons why we all sweat and exercise a lot is because we want to get rid of that flabby belly and get a toned body instead. Shedding those added pounds is not easy but with exercise bikes, you can make that happen very easily. It has been estimated that a woman who weighs around 135pounds can burn as much as 50 calories from an hour of cycling. So, shouldn’t it be reason enough for you to hop onto one of the best exercise bikes that you can find here and start your journey towards a better body?

  1. Lower Injury Risk

When overweight or new at the gym, we are often concerned about the types of exercises we would have to do and how they might cause us injury. The exercise bike is safe in this regard. It poses lower injury risks and this makes it safe for all age groups. It has a lower impact on the knees and thus has fewer chances of causing joint pain or knee injury as is the case with skipping or other forms of cardio workouts.

  1. Uplifts Mood

Feeling down and nothing seems to be lifting your mood? Well, nothing to worry about. The exercise bike can help you lose weight and the increased blood circulation to your brain can assist with mood regulation too.  The exercise bike helps uplift the mood and improve your energy levels as well.

  1. Works for all climates

Haven’t we all been guilty of missing out on the gym because the weather outside was just not favorable. It was either too cold, unbearably hot or too rainy for us to make it to the gyms. The exercise bikes in this regard are of great help. They can be kept indoors or outdoors and this makes them usable in all sorts of weather conditions.

  1. Sexier legs and glutes

We have all worked a little extra to shape your legs and make our glutes extra sexy. The exercise bike can be used for this very reason as it can do wonders for your lower body. It helps improve the overall joint mobility of your lower body while strengthening the muscles and helping you build on the core strength. If you work out while sitting in the upright position with your back straight, it also starts impacting your abs and stomach too.

Tips for Getting the Best Results When Using Stationary Exercise Bikes

So what are some of the things that you must know about when you start using the exercise bike? Let’s walk you through them.

Your Position on Stationary Bike

The position you adopt while exercising is very important. If you are a bit laid back, you will only be bringing your lower body in motion but a slight change in position and it will affect your upper body equally well too. You might want to take precautions and watch yourself from leaning too forward on your saddle as it can restrict your oxygen supply and interfere with your breathing.

Vary It Up a Bit

A workout which goes at the same speed or routine for the whole time is boring and it can ultimately lose its effect on your body. But if you keep varying up the speed and resistance during the whole time you will be giving your body some surprises that may help it burn a few extra calories. Make sure to keep changing pace or your position now and then to get the best results whilst using stationary bikes.

Keep Altering the Resistance

The best exercise bikes come with a setting for resistance. This allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout the way you deem feasible. If it is some cardio workout that you have in mind then you can skip out on this setting and simply go for the cycling part. However, if it is some strength training you want to be a part of your workout as well then sure as well pump up the resistance setting on your exercise bikes to a level that suits you.

Music Can Help

Music has always been known to increase focus and it comes true when you are working out. It is not a necessity but it can help you stay in the groove for the whole workout. Good music can even keep you pumped up to motivate you to do better and try harder and that is what all workout sessions are about: pushing your limits and exceeding yourself.

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular gym equipment since it can easily be used at home without you feeling the need to go to the gym to use it. If you are careful with your choice and follow all the guidelines we have discussed above, you will be able to get your hands on the best exercise bikes in no time at all. You can now work on your fitness level and work towards a better lifestyle no matter what time of the day it is or what the weather conditions are like outside.

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