Difference Between Recumbent Bikes and Upright Bikes

Most of us do not get enough time out of our hectic routines to join a gym and indulge in a cardio workout. However, we can manage to make some time to carry out these workouts at home to maintain the weight. For that matter, a huge variety of equipment is available to choose from and achieve the weight loss goals. Treadmills happen to be the most popular choice but for people who don’t like to run, the indoor stationary bikes present the best alternative.

Cycling is a great idea if you are looking to boost the heart rate and lose some weight. When it comes to bikes for cycling, there are two major types, namely recumbent and upright bikes. The recumbent bikes are stationary bikes with a seat and a backrest and they allow you to pedal in front instead of down below. Upright bikes, on the other hand, make the biker to lean forward over the handles and you can choose between sitting upright and even standing on the pedals. We have brought you the differences among these bikes which can help you conduct low-impact cardio exercises for you to decide in a better way.

Differences between Recumbent Bikes and Upright Bikes:

Although both types of the bikes are effective when it comes to achieving fitness, however, the know-how of how they differ can help you choose the one that would work the best for you.

  • Recumbent bikes have a unique design which enables the rider to sit nearer to the ground. Also, the seat is bigger and more comfortable as compared to their upright bike counterparts. The upright bikes, on the other hand, are quite similar to the road bikes. You are able to sit upright and easily grab the handlebars while you exercise. Besides, these bikes offer more flexibility as they allow you to fluctuate the workout routine for muscles while being cost-effective. The upright bikes are also smaller in size and take up lesser space. However, the recumbent bikes come with a backrest which provides you support and allows you to give your back some rest while you continue to work out the muscles of the legs without breaking the cardio.
  • The recumbent bikes have their seats in the reclined positioning which doesn’t put any strain on the biker’s back during the extensive workouts. These bikes are designed in a way to keep your hands free for most of your workout routine which enables you to carry out your favorite activities like reading, or using your cell while working out. Plus, these bikes are more stable due to lowers their center of gravity as their seat are nearer to the ground. This feature also benefits people who find it hard to maintain the balance. The seat of the upright bike, on the other hand, is rather uncomfortable so they are not suitable for elderly people or for people having chronic back pain.
  • Recumbent bikes are not so great when it comes to getting the perfect cardio workout routine sorted as they don’t offer much flexibility and hence aren’t as effective as their upright counterparts which allow you to fluctuate the routine in a flexible way. However, since the recumbent bikes are much more comfortable, you end up spending more time exercising on them resulting in the burning of as many calories as on the upright bikes. Also, the upright bikes are unstable as their center of gravity is higher which makes it hard to achieve balance as well. But still, upright bikes are the best option for people who love their workout routine to be flexible.

The long and short of it all is that both recumbent and upright bikes have their pros and cons. One is much more comfortable while the other offers more flexibility. One is stable while the other isn’t that much. So, it is up to you and your deciding criteria that which if the two is better for your workout agenda.

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