Recumbent Bike Benefits

To begin with, one must know what recumbent bikes are. Basically, these are bikes in which the biker is placed in a relaxed seating position which is not so in the case of the upright that we see normally in the normal bicycles. However, there may be many variations in recumbent bikes but their general operation is the same. These are actually preferred due to their ergonomic designs of making which also help diminish the stress produced by the biker’s own weight while his body is in contact with a bike.

The typical bikes are such that the rider’s weight concentrates over three contact areas of his body, that is, the sit bones, the feet, and the hands, the major of these being that on the sit bones. The recumbent bikes’ major function is that it reclines the rider into a seat in such a way that it spreads his weight out over a greater surface area in contact with his bike.

Top 5 Benefits of Recumbent Bikes:

When you need to select a certain indoor exercise bike, it may be difficult to decide as to whether you need an upright stationary bike or a recumbent bike. Let us see what the benefits of recumbent bikes are:

1. Cardiovascular Exercise

Exercises, whether they are cardiovascular or aerobic basically make the use of groups of large muscles like hamstrings and quadriceps muscles of thighs and even the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Recumbent bikes offer a form of cardiovascular exercise. It helps strengthen your heart and lungs and enhances how well your body uses oxygen. Such cardiovascular exercises lower the person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore, it makes breathing easier.

2. Stability and Comfort

People do not like higher seats because they feel they are losing balance but they often find the lower seating position in recumbent bikes is less intimidating. People find the reclined position very comfortable and the seat is larger than that in the upright bike. The biker’s position is natural, so this decreases the stress on the muscles of your back. This way the biker would feel less pressure exerted on your hips or knees. Therefore, these are preferable for those who have arthritis or conditions in which vigorous exercise becomes difficult.

3. Strengthens Your Muscles

Bikers on recumbent bikes are actually placed in quite a different position than the ordinary stationary bike does. While sitting on an upright stationary bike, the muscles targeted are those of your thighs, lower legs, and the gluteal ones. On the other hand, while using a recumbent bike, the same muscles are worked out but from much better physical positions. This is why it actually strengthens your muscles a lot more.

4. Safer Option

It is generally felt that riding recumbent bikes is actually a much safer idea than riding the upright ones. This is the reason as to why recumbent bikes are used very actively in many of the rehab facilities. The main reason for this is the fact that recumbent bikes offer a strong and a comfortable back support coupled with a larger seat. Since the seating positions of the recumbent bikes are quite low and nearer to the ground, it makes it a lot easier for the rehab patients or even the elderly patients to get on and off the bikes regularly.

5. Extending Your Workout Hours

Recumbent bikes, as mentioned above, are a lot more comfortable and easier to use than the upright ones are. Therefore, this actually allows you to stick to your workout routine and increase your workout hours while using recumbent bikes. So even if you have been working out for a long period of time and have some pain in your back and butt, you do not need to continue pedaling. Therefore, when you keep your body comfortable as well as pain-free, this plays its role to allow you to push yourself and convince yourself to stick with the exercise routine.

To conclude, every kind of workout machine has benefits to it but when it comes to using recumbent bikes, they can be extremely beneficial for those suffering from any joint or health issues. Before making a choice, you must consult your doctor but you must know that with recumbent bikes comes comfort and security.

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