How Long on An Exercise Bike to Lose Weight?

We all are becoming obsessively conscious about our health and how we need to be following a proper diet and routine to maintain it. Hitting the gyms does seem like a good option but it is not possible to carry out the same routine all the time when you have a busy work schedule waiting for you during the weekdays. To overcome the guilt of missing out on workouts, you start thinking of options that would allow you to workout at home during the days when going to the gym is out of the question. Exercise bikes, no matter what type you invest in, will make it possible for you. They are easy to keep inside the home and move around as well.

Exercise bikes while giving you ample opportunities to change your workout routines make up for an effective cardio workout. There is no doubt in the fact that exercise bikes make you lose weight but the real question is how much? For how long should you be on one of such bikes before you begin to burn some significant amount of calories.

We will be having a look at the effect of bicycling on your body depending on the type of workout you put your body through.

Light bicycling

This is the kind of cycling where your heartbeat is reaching 54% of its maximum rate. For a normal human, this is usually taken to be 220 beats per minute subtracting the real age of that person. So, if you weigh around 130 pounds, light cycling will help you burn over 325 calories per hour. For a person weighing 190 pounds, the calories burn go up to 475 per hour. Since 3500 calories need to be burnt to lose a pound, the person weighing 130 pounds will have to cycle for 10.8 hours to burn a pound and the one who weighs 190 will need to cycle for 7.4 hours.

Moderate cycling

If your heart rate reaches anywhere between 55 and 69 percent of its maximum heartbeat, then you are considered to be cycling moderately. Keeping the same analogy, a 130-pound person will burn 413 calories this way and will lose a pound after 8.5 hours. The person who weighs 190 pounds will lose a pound after 5.8 hours by burning around 600 calories an hour.

Vigorous cycling

Well, this is not something which comes easily to everyone and takes a lot of stamina and fitness level on your part. If you can take your heart beats between 70 and 89% of its maximum capacity then you are considered to be cycling vigorously. This kind of cycling can have a person weighing 130 pounds burn around 620 calories in an hour and lose a pound with 5.6 hours of cycling. For 190 pounds, vigorous cycling burns around 906 calories on an hourly basis and can have him lose a pound after around 4 hours of this exercise.

Helpful tips

When it comes to stationary bikes, you need to workout for longer than 30 minutes. It is only then that you will be able to burn more than the Since this kind of activity doesn’t race the heartbeat to its maximum too quickly, you need to spend anywhere between half an hour and an hour on these bikes to feel some difference. Also, you cannot go too slow on these bikes. To get your body in the cardio phase, the cycling needs to be done at a specific speed. It is only then that you will see it affecting the weight and burn some fat for you.

However, it is suggested that you should work your way to the maximum speed and prepare your body to reach its maximum heartbeat within the first three weeks. For the first three weeks, cycle for only three or four days a week. You should begin to increase the frequency of this workout only after three weeks for better effects.

Cycling is an effective cardio workout but there are a few things you need to keep in consideration with here. Hitting the good heart rate and then working through with it will help you lose the excess weight in the right ways.

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