How Effective Are Recumbent Bikes – Find Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are actually one of the most effective ways for the purpose of burning calories. This obviously helps you lose your body weight, even over your stomach. It is said that these bikes also help in spot reduction but this however, may just be a myth. On the other hand, if we combine forms of exercise like the use of recumbent bikes, other cardiovascular exercises and those that strengthen the muscles of your abdomen, can actually help to flatten your stomach and make them firm.

Results of Using Recumbent Bikes

While sitting on a seat as that in a recumbent bike, for a recumbent exercise, all you have to do is start pedaling and then you may be able to see obvious changes to your body to see how effective these bikes really are.

Cardio Workout

Using recumbent bikes can help you strengthen your heart since it is also a very effective cardio workout. This helps ward off numerous health conditions like heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. In fact, it has been stated by the American Council on Exercise, “the effectiveness of your cardio workout truly boils down to how hard you work, which you can control on just about any piece of cardio equipment …” These bikes can also permit you to control resistance. Your cardio workouts are enhanced further by ascending and descending the hills while using the workout program already built in this bike. You can use the interval training and these short bursts at full speed after which slow recovery periods are scheduled.

Weight Loss

Recumbent bikes can be very helpful and effective if you wish to lose some weight. There are quite a few fitness experts who prefer stationary bikes over the recumbent ones for weight loss. The major goal is to burn calories in order to lose weight. This can be easily and very effectively done using recumbent bikes. For this, you need to include some interval training into a recumbent bike workout that you follow. Such a kind of interval training can actually help you burn calories even in a very little time period.

Pain and Disability

There are many people who may have some kind of a disability or even lower-back problems. Recumbent bikes can be very effective for such people if they wish to lose weight. The seat of the bike comes with a back rest too and it permits one to perform a low-impact workout routine that does not strain your back muscles a lot. Additionally, it has been stated by the Harvard Health Publications that a recumbent bike/stationary bike even does allow you to carry on your workout if you have a runner’s knee. This is because it does not stress the knee joint a lot. Where it comes to disabled individuals or the very elderly ones, recumbent bikes are just the perfect choice. It has been proved with sufficient research that exercise is very important for such individuals. Therefore, while sitting on a recumbent bike, such people who have their reasons for being unable to perform other forms of exercise, may also follow an effective workout routine.

Calories Burnt Using Recumbent Bikes:

It has been estimated that a 150 lbs individual who trains mildly for about 30 minutes and has a heart rate of about 50-70% can burn about 204 calories. Whereas, a treadmill thought burns about 264 calories, it actually strains the joints a lot more.

To wrap up this topic, we can say that an individual can enjoy a very effective workout using a recumbent bike which helps them burn fat and calories both. However, in order to lose weight, people need to have their comfort and some low-impact workout routine which is actually an ideal way to do so when integrated with some good wholesome diet since obviously, diet plays a very important role in losing weight. Recumbent bikes can be put to use for intense workouts or even those of lower intensity for a longer workout session. This will definitely help you burn calories but unless you follow a proper diet plan, you may not get the results you desire to see.

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